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Diana Ravenswood
22 May 2013 @ 08:24 pm
Disclaimer: This is a journal for a fictional character in the emeraldshadows and emerald_facets RPGs.

Diana Ravenswood is a photojournalist currently on field assignment on the Hawaiian island of Kauai. She is also a Garou, an Artisan (Galliard) of the Black Fury tribe.

Description: Diana's shoulder-length black hair surrounds a strong-boned face full of passion and vitality. Her eyes can gleam like emeralds or flash like verdant lightning, depending on her mood. Her form is athletic, her carriage proud and erect.

She prefers to dress simply, in well-worn jeans and T-shirts. Her adornment is minimal – an emerald stud in each earlobe, and a bronze labrys pendant worn on a black leather choker.
Diana Ravenswood
06 June 2006 @ 08:48 am
((Written on Diana's laptop en route to Hawaii))

I got the job!!!

I'm on my way to Hawaii to do a story on the Hanalei National Wildlife Refuge for the Defenders of Wildlife! Gaia bless my sisters for their help - I might never have gotten this assignment if it hadn't been for them.

Of course, this also gets them eyes and ears inside the Mother's Open Hands...some of them are a little suspicious of so many of the Breeds working together - I think it could be the start of something big - maybe even be a kick in the pants to the hidebound elders who refuse to work with other Garou, let alone other Breeds!

I wonder if I'll even get to see any of the Others...it'd be cool, that's for sure!
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